The story behind AnOldMan


People ask me: Where did this "AnOldMan" thing come from anyway?

Many years ago, when high-speed first came to town, I got into Unreal Tournament online. I played, well... too much!

In the course of my play, I kept running into VERY young( teens ) hotshots that were a bit... overproud of their skills. They couldn't believe that an OLD guy like me ( I was in my thirties ) could match them. I noticed that whenever I was eliminated, the game would say in the center:

You were killed by someplayername !

So, I changed my player name to An_Old_Man. When the young hotshot got eliminated by me, their screen would say:

You were killed by An_Old_Man !

The name stuck, and I eventually joined a clan. (Team)


Times have changed, bots (cheating) ruined the game, the team disbanded... but OldMan lives on!

My portfolio is here.