Welcome and HOW DO!

OldMan has many hobbies, foremost among them is reverse engineering ( hacking in the traditional sense of the term ) interesting devices.

You will find in the topics section several projects. There are also forums for posting questions. OldMan reserves the right to edit any content posted in the forums and/or transfer useful information directly to it''s proper topic. Credit will be noted for the author. You may also submit news and stories you deem appropriate - subject to review, of course. Topics will slowly grow as OldMan gets better organized. This domain is owned by OldMan for the next ten years minimum, so don''t worry about disappearing content.

Topics currently include:

Toshiba Magnia SG20: Enabling full FTP Access; WebMin ( web based management portal ) installation; Forwarding ports for incoming access using IPTABLES; and more!

Axis 240 camera server and vtel smartcam: Just a description at this point. OldMan has figured out how to control the camera with a serial connection over the web! The vtel smartcam is an excellent quality camera that can be pan tilt zoom - ptz - controlled with serial commands from a network camera server. The camera was originally designed for teleconferencing, but can be found on eBay and the like for less than $50 because nobody knows how to hook one up! The Axis 240 can be used with a Magnia with a few software modifications to the magnia''s software.

MisterHouse: This topic is really part of the SG20. With proper installation - which requires a comtrol rocketport - you can run MisterHouse home automation software on your Magnia!