MV1000 by Active-Imaging

This thing has been driving me to distraction, I purchased two units almost a year ago and have been unable to use them.

The company apparently went out of business, and only a "dealer" can reset them to factory defaults.

I have attempted to hack the unit and change the password(s) and had absolutely no luck.

The system is designed around a DGE TX486 PC104 board and a proprietary Active-Imaging I/O board.

The TX486 has two AMD 29F016 flash chips for memory. The first 32k areused for BIOS and the rest become a bootable disk.

I have removed the TX486 from the unit and built an interface, I can access the BIOS and boot the unit with a 2.5" IDE drive.

I have been unable to obtain any drivers to mount the flash disk.

I hope someday to encounter someone who has the "backdoor" password(s) for the unit. Until then, it remains shelved.


With the help of Stephen Day I was able to obtain the backdoor password by dumping the flash disk.

Username "backdoor" password "ploppy" - keep in mind that the username can be changed by nw-admin, so it might not work for you.

Unfortunately, even with this password I was stumped as to what to do: I end up at a bash prompt with no available commands to edit or modify files.

The default shell for user "backdoor" is /bin/sh. The default shell for "nw-admin" ismvnet/etc/htdocs.

I tried to invoke sh with htdocs and received an error. (htdocs is a script to set passwords, ip's, ect.)  I hope that snippet will assist others and perhaps they can pass back to me what to do from the bash prompt once access is gained: I can post the instructions here for future users.

Further searching in the data dump finally turned up another set of passords. They were encrypted.

With a decryption program, we were able to finally figure out what the passwords were currently set to.

This process is beyond most users, however, and I hope to someday have a simpler answer.

It would be very nice to know just what the backdoor allows a service tech to accomplish. It is my hope that someday one will see this article and tell me!