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1964 Lister gen.


Mon Aug 11, 2008 7:15 pm
I have a Lister gen 3 phase with a st3 head and 3 cylider diesel. I have read and I think I know how to rewire it Low ZIG ZAG method. I am assumming that all 12 wire generator are the same. My Gen is configured. 5-8,7-4,9-6,11-3,2-10,1-12. With a tap of one leg for 120 plug. I understand this to be a High Delta. I want to install a small circuit breaker panel with 1, 220 breaker and an 110 breaker. I want to make sure I understand. At the 1-7 connection. Do I make a feeder wire from 1-7 to one side of the panel and at the 3-9 the other side of the panel? At the 4,5,10,11 connection. Do I wire to the neutral side in the panel? ALso are the 2,6,8,12 just wired together? My gen tag says 35.6 amps 10 {kva ?} I understand that I will only have 66% of this. Is this correct? Thanks kfen


Sat Aug 16, 2008 10:58 am
Wire numbers may vary from model to model. I determined mine by comparing current/known configuration to possible configurations listed for a different model.
If you have a high delta, you already have 240/120 with the neutral tap between L2 and L3 - you don't NEED to rewire: just don't use L1.
You COULD rewire to a double delta, but you don't need to.
Your generator would be approx 24 amps when not using L1. Keep in mind that with a delta you must increase the 208 voltage to 240, or 120 is only at 104.