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Mon Jul 11, 2016 8:24 am
Steve wrote:
I have just gained a 10kva generator from 1953 in great shape but 127v220v I am in Europe and need 220v but generator head is Wye configured with 4 wires, maybe I could pull apart but looks unlikely, it looks like I the past the avr failed and some one ran field coils off the starter battery, I have fitted an avr and all is good, my need is for neutral to earn bond but can't due to Wye setup, if I sense avr voltage off the current 127v would I get a 220v 414v generator by increasing field voltage?

Output voltage is regulated by field voltage, although there are design limits. Frequency is a matter of rotational speed, so you can easily support 50hz by reducing it.  A Wye configuration would center common (120v to any other lead) and 220v between any of the three remaining leads.  Each 220v circuit is at a different phase, and rated at 1/3 of the generators' total output.  With 220v there is no "neutral", there is just ground - a common ground reference beteween generator frame and earth ground.