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slip-ring generator befuddlement


Fri Apr 26, 2013 11:52 am
Soooo! I was given this stamford newage generator that was contaminated throughout with diesel because the rear seal on the lister st2 blew. I cleaned it without dis-assembly and dried it out well. the brushes were shot, broken, and missing. they were removed from their suspension posts and labled 1,2,3,4. the diagram for re-assembly was destroyed by water along with some other Lister info. I need to be able to put her back together in operational status. it is a 9KW 3ph 1800rpm unit. I need to determine the nuetral . before I took it apart, it was a low voltage "Y" configuration. If I'm facing the generator side with the engine on the right, which of the 4 rings is the nuetral? One of the brush assy's has 2 wires. I'm thinkin that is the nuetral, but I dunno. nor do I know the appropriate slip-ring that it should ride on. any help appreciated, whether it be to attach it to my fishing pole as a weight or what. buying another generator would be unsettling.AAACK! pics on request