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Connect 2 networks with 2 magnia sg20


Fri Mar 08, 2013 3:02 pm
I have a magnia SG20 in my office network with a static internet ip for the vpn. My VPN works perfectly well.
I have 5 computers and 5 drives connected to it. I loved this setup and with the help of vpn, I can access all of my office network from anywhere.
Now I purchased another magnia sg20 and set it at my new office with a new static ip. The VPN from this network also works outside from my office2.
Both the office's vpn would work individually, but they donot work together. So now with this new setup, I cannot connect to my office1 vpn from office2 and vice-versa.
but from anywhere else I can individually connect to any one vpn at a time.
I guess it was the ip address that was conflicting, so I changed one of the servers ip address to . but this didnot help
So how can I connect to both the vpns at the same time.


Sat Mar 09, 2013 9:25 pm
There are two types of VPN with the Magnia: IPSec Server to Server VPN Connection and IPSec Client VPN.
I assume you're having problems with the IPSec Client VPN ? You set these up individually and they should have nothing to do with each other. Take a look at the firewall rules in WebMin and see if there's a conflict.
The IPSec Server to Server VPN does require that each system have different private subnets. I have successfully run multi-vpn connections between 4 Magnias. Keep in mind, however, that the SG20 does not do DNS translation for the VPN. So it's possible to view machines in same "Workgroup" but not browse them unless you manually enter translations into the DNS table. This usually means you need to set up hosts in DHCP. ( all this is via WebMin )
Also, Vista & up doesn't like the Samba auth - you have to lower the requirements (there's many threads about this online, Google it).