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Edit Partition on / file System


Sun Feb 27, 2005 12:05 pm
I have a problem, I don't have space on the System file.
I receive a message "needs XX Mb on the / filesystem"
I would like to change the allocated space on mount /dev/hda1
No. Type Extent Start End Use Free
1 Linux 1 131 / 0 %
2 Linux 132 288 /var 74 %
3 Linux 289 2416 /home 94 %
4 Extended 2417 2431
5 Linux swap 2417 2431 swap
Please help me thanks


Sat Mar 05, 2005 9:53 pm
The magnia has 4 partitions.
You cannot change the size allocation of any of these partitions.
The second IDE drive, if installed, is mounted onto the /home directory.
You COULD create a folder in the /home partition to mount as, say, /usr.
You would have to move your files from the /usr directory to the new directory you were going to mount as /usr. You cannot mount a directory in this way if the existing directory contains any files.
The easiest way to get more space for your / or /var partition would be to install a new larger drive by imaging your old drive. You could then create a 5th partition with the leftover space that you could mount onto the file system anywhere you wish.
I realize this is all very confusing. Linux does not treat disks the same way as DOS / Windows. There are no Linux utilities out there that let you dynamically resize a partition (do it while data exists on the partition).
With Linux there are no A: C: D: drives. They are MOUNTED onto the filesystem in just about any way you wish. If you had a CD or floppy drive on the magnia you would find them under /mount/...
If you explore your magnia's filesystem using the WebMin file explorer you will see that the /var and /home directories have an "M" in the graphic for the folder. This means they are MOUNTED branches of the / tree.
So, remove some of the packages you have installed. Remove some of the doc files and other garbage that is now filling up your tree. This is the only easy way to correct your current problem.
I have not been successfull in any resize attempts. My final solution was to install RedHat 7.3 with larger / and /var partitions, then repackage from source all of the magnia specific rpm's. I still haven't got it 100% working.
Good Luck!


Thu Aug 24, 2006 7:44 pm
If you have the use of a second hard disk drive it is possible to change the size of the partitons using the SG20 snapshot feature. I have tried this and it works.
Step 1: Install and configure a 2nd drive in your SG20 set it up as extra local network disk space not as a snapshot image of my main hard disk. Verify that you can see it as 2nddrive from your network.
Step2: Either with Webmin or by telnet modify the file located at /sa2/conf
Called PARTITIONS (note it is all caps).
It will contain information that looks something like this:
The numbers above represent the size in MegaBytes for each partition. In the above example you end up with a 1GB root, 1.2GB var, and 120MB swap.
Change these number to reflect the size you would like these partitions to be. I used the following:
This gives my SG20 a 4GB root, 2GB var, and 520MB swap. In both cases the rest of the drive will be assigned to home.
Step 3: Using the Toshiba admin interface, goto system-> 2nd disk and convert from extra local network disk space to A snapshot of my main hard disk.
wait for the completion message.
Step 4: Click on Take Snapshot. Wait for the snapshot to complete.
Step 5: Shutdown your SG20 and swap the two hard disk drives.
Step 6: reboot SG20 and you will find the partitions have been resized.
Note: If you want to change the size on the original 1st disk, you must follow steps 1 through 4 again. You can go back to the first drive if you do not use the second drive as a snapshot drive.
I hope this can help some people.


Mon Sep 11, 2006 3:33 pm


Wed Sep 27, 2006 6:18 am
Ooh that was slick, I like it, very nice.

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