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Magnia SG20 Not Loading


Mon Sep 13, 2010 4:56 pm
I have an SG20 that I'm trying to get working. I have the sg20-v26.tib image and Acronis v10. I've put the image on 3 separate Travelstar 20G drives with the same result. Most of the time when I turn the SG20 on, I get a message with an April, 2002 date and the time, and then "Magnia SG20" with moving stars across the bottom. Sometimes, when I turn on the system, I get the 2002 date as above, then a BIOS check, then a "working..." message.
Can anyone tell me what the above signs imply? If the device can't be salvaged, I'd like to know before I spend more time on it.
Thanks, Mike


Mon May 16, 2011 7:56 am
Sorry for the massive delay in reply.
If you are only getting a Working... and not going any further I will say your image is fried. You should, on start up, see the 2002 message and Bios check and then working... for a few minutes. Then it should show you the time and the display button should take you through a list of different options on the LCD.
I have an image with Ubuntu 10.04 (made for only a 30GB or larger drive) and a 7.04 made for a 30 GB but will take to a 20GB drive. The 10.04 is 6.6 GB in size and the 7.04 is 380MB. They were both made the the SG20 exclusively. The 7.04 LCD works flawlessly, but the 10.04 LCD only works with a couple of the options.
If you can handle the obsolete version of Ubuntu I would think the 7.04 is the better of the 2. But just to keep in mind, I did the Ubuntu do-upgrade-release (I believe) and took it to 7.10 with little trouble (you loose the modem and PCMCIA with 7.10 it seems) but when trying to take it to 8.04 it crashed all 3 try's.