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Re: Finding a use for an old SG20


Wed Aug 10, 2011 5:50 pm
hitachiman wrote:
I have an SG20 that I have not used for years. Still in perfect condition and hardly used.
I now use a NetgearNAS device but I cannot get it to backup off site to internet/cloud storage.
Is there a way of configuring the SG20 to automatically backup data to an on line storage account?

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Toshiba's scheduled backup utility can back up to any mappable network drive. There are utilities out there that allow virtual mounting of an FTP connection. In Linux there is a package called 'curlftpfs' that you may be able to find/install for RedHat 7.3 and then 'mount' the ftp like so:
curlftpfs ~/ftpfolder/
Resulting in the ftp's content being available in /ftpfolder/.
This may end up being recursive though: the mount being now part of the Magnia's filesystem and wanting to be backed up.
( Linux has no 'drives' - it has mount points within the root filesystem )
You might want to map the drive on an outside system and share it on the network, then point the Toshiba backup utility toward it. There are some Windows versions of the curlftpfs utility out there... I believe Novell wrote a version called "NetDrive".