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SG20 Chat Server


Tue Sep 21, 2004 5:20 am
I currently have the the SG20 serving the original magnia intranet site to the internet.
I want to set up a chat server on my SG20 to allow chatting between my internal network and the internet... Any ideas?
I also have a toshiba netcam inside the network that is available to the internet via a single port opened to the public. Is there any way to transfer control of this camera to the Axis camera function already built into the magnia?


Wed Sep 22, 2004 2:25 am
I suppose you could set up a chat server. Are you talking about IRC or voice? I haven't even considered such a thing. You would need to find a server program for Redhat 7.3 and open the appropriate port(s) in the firewall to receive outside calls.
Most I.M. and voice chat programs seem to work fine from any client machine through the firewall. I am even using a Vonage voice-over-ip telephone service from behind the firewall with no ports routed. So you should have no problem setting up such a server from behind the firewall. You just need, again, to open a port for uninvited guests calling in from the Internet.
(Worded that way, doesn't it make you think, just a little, about security?)
As for the camera function, yes it is possible to modify a file or two and direct the intranet to just about any image source; no it doesn't work from the Internet.
The setup for cameras through the intranet site is designed for local use only. All of the pages use LAN addresses for camera access, so you can't see them from the WAN. You just get broken links. (img src is always lan ip not wan ip)
You would have to re-write the entire cgi and http interface. If you're going to do that, just make your own site!
I gave up on the intranet pages a long time ago. They are incredibly slow and cumbersome. You can edit startup/shutdown actions with Webmin and completely kill httpd.intranet - once that's done you can enable standard httpd and have any kind of site your heard desires. The standard httpd will even run a portal such as this site. You just have to add index.php to the httpd.conf file under file types and set up the MySQL server to handle the database tasks.
Back to cameras: I use a couple of different camera servers. I can even look at the snapshots from my cell phone. The way I did it was fairly simple. First I used port forwarding to assign a port between 4000 and 8000 to my servers. Next I used “View Source ” in internet explorer to determine where the snapshots come from. Now I can put in something like
in any browser any where (including my cellphone) and get a snapshot.
When I'm really forgetful I use to redirect me 'cuz I forget my home IP.