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SG20 No more firewall


Fri Apr 06, 2007 7:47 pm
SG20 build US 2.5.1-33
P3-866 512 ram, stock HD
Well after installing webmin I tried to install the new firewall rules. Followed the instructions and I now get an Internal server error message when i go to the SG20 > Network > firewall tab.
Webmin is reporting that the command iptables was not found on this system.
Now I have two other sg20's so I can swap out the HD, But:
I really really want to get this add-on working!
I've 'lost' the hard drive with all os the backup disk images on it. So if anyone has a working link to the image i'd appreciate it. seems to be down.
Has anyone thought about starting torrents for the image files?
Edit Note:
Now working. Got a 2.6 image off one of the spare Sg20's and it worked!
However I am still interested in getting the modded SG30 image and am willing to start a torrent for these files.


Sat Apr 07, 2007 2:07 pm
You are the first to report an error occurred working with these files. The only issue encountered so far was the ipsec feature needing a small edit to work properly.
I strongly suspect your error has to do with working with the firewall in WebMin. Toshiba does NOT use default directories for configuration files. I highly recommend you avoid using WebMin for anything but VIEWING the current firewall rules. Do NOT press the button that says "Save iptables so webmin can work with them" (or something like that.)
If you wish to use WebMin - or any other program - to administer your firewall, you will likely make the Toshiba interface not work!
As for the images: SG30 software breaks your modem and wireless, so if you use either feature you don't want to go there. Also, several config files need to be changed - so I don't have a working "virgin" image. I can get you ftp access to my site if you would like the newest (2.6.2) SG20 image in TIB format.
Sustaining a torrent seems like overkill. There simply are not enough requests. I receive perhaps four requests per year.