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SG20 web server?


Mon Aug 02, 2004 11:27 pm
I was poking around your web site and if I understand it; your site works on your SG-20. I'm slightly confused. I didn't think that you could get an SG-20 to be a web server the way it comes from Toshiba, at least mine won't. Obviously you have worked some magic. How did you do it! Please explain it in windowspeak as I havn't graduated yet. Thank,


Wed Aug 04, 2004 8:55 pm
While it is true that I have used my SG20 as a web server, I am not actually using it as one right now... per se.
Let me explain.
The SG20, by default, is running TWO web servers:
httpd_intranet for the local "corporate site" on port 80 (default browser port)
httpd_admin for administering the SG20 on port 8282
with WEBMIN installed, it is really quite simple to "deactivate" the httpd_intranet site and activate a standard httpd site. The Apache webserver is already installed in the system.
You use webmin to go to System-->Bootup and Shutdown. You then uncheck httpd_intranet and check httpd. The next time you restart your SG20 and use IE to go to it without the 8282, you will see a default Apache web page instead of the local "corporate site." All you have to do then is figure out where on the Magnia's filesystem the web pages need to be put <Directory "/var/www/html"> and bingo, you have a web site! To load phpNuke I also had to set up MySQL, but that is an advanced topic. The configuration file for httpd is <File "/etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf">.
I am actually running MisterHouse on port 80 on my SG20, not a web site. This is for local access only, not web access (I don't want peeps finding my ip address and turning my lights on and off!)
The reasons are simple: my ISP blocks port 80, so, even if I run my site on my magnia and open my firewall, nobody could see it without knowing the non-default port number. There is a workaround with port forwarding from a service like, but after the hassles of masking and pages not linking the proper port I decided to host my site on a commercial server. I use 4D Web Hosting
If you would really like to host a site on your magnia I can show you how, it is fairly simple.
1. Your ISP probably blocks port 80 (they don't WANT you to host a site!)
2. You have to open your firewall (so peeps will try to hack you!)
3. Most broadband connections have VERY POOR upload speeds, so hosting is constrained and people won't like your site.
4. Most ISP's already offer some online HTML site for FREE. You will only really need to host with your own machine if you want an interactive site (like this one) and that is MUCH more complicated.
5. Even with an interactive site (called a PORTAL), hosting service isn't all that much money. This site costs me less than $100 a year.
6. You need a domain name and registry service or people can't find your site anyway - you would have to give them your IP ADDRESS. This isn't a smart thing to do (hacking) and most home users have a DYNAMIC address (it changes at the whim of the ISP).


Wed Jan 05, 2005 12:00 am
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