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VOIP on SG20


Sun Dec 18, 2005 12:09 am
I've read in a few different forums about using VOIP through the sg20, just thought I put up my two cents worth on the subject.
I am an avid gamer, and I use Ventrilo VOIP to talk with my fellow gamers while we play, which is really nice and extremely helpful in teamwork situations. I also like the use of ventrilo when I am working with someoine to develop a web page or working on some other project that requires a lot of communication, it's just so much easier to say what I need rather than have to stop and try to type a long message to get the point across.
Ventrilo is one of the industry standards in VOIP communication now, uses extremely little resources, and is easy to setup.
I downloaded the ventrilo Linux server software from Ventrlo's site and unpacked the files onto the Magnia SG20. Added a process to startup and shutdown called Ventrilo and put the commands cd/ then cd /Ventrilo and finally ./ventrilo_srv there.
I didn't know how to make the SG20 "know" ventrilo_srv was located in the Ventrilo folder, I am sure someone more fluent in Linux can easily solve that, but for me just making it change directories to find the command worked out just fine.
To my surprise, it works without a hitch, so my friends and I now have our own Vent server we can use for gaming, and even with 8 people connected AND 6 clients computers here at my house, it still does not affect my connection enough to cause any noticable lag.
Something you may want to try out if you're interested in VOIP, I am even using it now to talk to family long distance instead of expensive phone calls, I just told them to go download the vetnrilo client and install it, gave them my IP address and the password to connect, and now I can talk to relatives in another country for hours on end for FREE!
The free version of ventrilo is limited to a max of 8 people, which is probably all you would want on a normal residential connection anyway, I do not know how well it works over slower connections such as ISDN or 56k, but on my 384k/4mb cable it works great.

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