A Small Perl Upgrade To Make Perl Tk Work

I run MisterHouse www.misterhouse.neton my magnia, and wanted the perl tk interface to function properly. I was also getting a DB file access error, said that TK.PM was not found in @inc (perl's version of %PATH%). This is how I got perl tk and tk.pm installed.

Perl TK installation 

It is assumed that by now you know how to remotely manage your system.It is also assumed that you have found the required modules somewhere. 

Modules for Perl:(adding a TK interface for MisterHouse)

perl-DB_File-1.75-34.99.6.i386.rpm - Perl module for use of the Berkeley DB
tk-8.3.3-67.i386.rpm - Graphical toolkit for Tcl scripting language
perl-Tk-JPEG-2.013-5.i386.rpm - JPEG loader for Tk::Photo
tix-8.2.0b1-67.i386.rpm - Extension widgets for Tk
tkinter-1.5.2-38.i386.rpm - Python interface to the Tk GUI toolkit
atrpms-package-config-47-1.rh7.3.at.noarch.rpm - RPM installer configuration
atrpms-47-1.rh7.3.at.noarch.rpm - RPM installer
perl-Tk-800.024-6.rh7.3.at.i386.rpm - TK.PM

Open a telnet session to run cpan:(www.cpan.org)
(or even better: use your new vncserver to access)
You can also use Webmin under Other-->Perl Modules to install the following:

	>perl -MCPAN -eshell
	answer   'no'
	install Tk::CursorControl	-- OK
(just let it run....  may take awhile.... first time run.... )
	install Term::ReadKey	-- OK
	install Time::HiRes	-- OK
	install Text::LevenshteinXS	-- OK

install GD-1.8.4-9.i386.rpm?
MisterHouse Docs call for it, but I haven't figured out what it is!

%&##%& !! atrpms version I used seems to have disappeared from the net.

Here they are:

/files/atrpms-package-config-47-1.rh7.3.at.noarch.rpm (7kb)

/files/atrpms-47-1.rh7.3.at.noarch.rpm (17kb)