WebMin Installation

It is assumed we have full FTP access, if not then find the FTP access instructions, or use telnet to tell the magnia to ftp the current webmin rpm.

Download newest version of Webmin from http://www.webmin.com
Use your ftp program to upload the noarch.rpm to /root of the magnia.
Telnet into the magnia, issue the su- command, and issue the command:

rpm -U webmin-x.xxx-x.noarch.rpm
(where "x.xxx-x" is the version number you have downloaded) and the install will be done automatically to /usr/libexec/webmin.
The install takes about 30 seconds.

TRY THIS ALSO: It has come to my attention that you can go to the Magnia administration menu>Upgrades --> Advanced -->Perform a manual upgrade --> Next and browse to the Webmin RPM on your local machine and have the Toshiba install Webmin for you.  I still like having FTP and Telnet access, but some less-technical users might appreciate this approach.  You can, of course, install/manage rpm's quite easily from Webmin once it is installed.

Red Hat Linux release 7.3 (Valhalla)
Kernel 2.4.18-3custom on an i686
login: telnetuser
Password: *********
Last login: Thu Jul 10 22:18:36 from pc-106
bash-2.05a$ su -
Password: *********
[root@magnia root]# rpm -U webmin-1.100-1.noarch.rpm
Operating system is Redhat Linux 7.3
Webmin install complete. You can now login to http://magnia.magnia.loc:10000/
as root with your root password.
[root@magnia root]#

(for maybe not-so-obvious reasons) The statement above -You can now login to http://magnia.magnia.loc:10000/-
is right for ME but probably wrong for you. Your message will be different, based on your machine name.

Your URL will be http://MACHINE NAME:10000 -or- http://MACHINE IP:10000

just like going to port 8282 for Toshiba's admin, but WebMin uses port 10,000.

My MACHINE NAME is "magnia", not the default which is "myserver"
My MACHINE IP is the default ""

So by default you would go to http://myserver:10000 or

The administration username for Webmin is set to root and the password is your current appliance admin password.