phpNuke HowTo and Graphical Navbars

I did alot of modding on this site and then added an article about
running PHP-Nuke on the Magnia - see: QUICK AND DIRTY WEB SERVER (with WEBMIN examples)

So then I added the PHP-Nuke_HOWTOmodule to my site.

I have modded it as well, making it behave in a more civilized fashion.
If you wish to install my modded version, instead of the original, email me at

Now I have a new article showing how to mod your PHP-Nuke site to use graphics in the navigation module.
I have published this article directly into thePHP-Nuke_HOWTOmodule instead of the stories archive.

17.2.3 Creating a Graphical Modules Block

It is very easy to change the whole look of PHP-Nuke by changing the theme, or installing a new theme, but one of the common characteristics of all PHP-Nuke sites is the module navigation block.

The colors can be changed, the top frame of the block made graphical, but the navigation links remain stubbornly text.

Grab ahold of a good paint program, we are about to change all of that.

Table of Contents Making a new themesidebox() function Modifying mainfile.php Modifying block-Modules Implementing New themesidebox2() function Modifying block-Modules for conditional display Final step Advanced