Want a little Wine with that?

Running a Windows-based server on your Linux machine.

I recently started playing with MainLobbyfrom Cinemar. It's a great program for my application: keeping track of aBUNCH of DVD's. It allows me to have multiple DVD megachangers and use acomputer or wi-fi pocket pc to select/play a movie. The pocket pc isnow the remote for the changers. Before, I had to unplug the changer Ididn't want responding to the remote.

Anyway, the point: MainLobby's server program is windows only.Here I've got this marvelous Linuxbox running 24/7, and now I have to run a windows box 24/7 as well?

A little WINEand my problem goes away. No, I don't meandrinking, or complaining.

Wine is an Open Source implementation ofthe Windows API on top of Xand Unix.

It really works, I about fell over laughing when I got Internet Explorerrunning on my Xfree86 desktop.

Here is Cinemar'sMainLobby Server (for windows) running on my Magnia. If you can followthis: The MainLobby Serveris running through Wine (configured with WineTools) in a VNC Server session on the Xfree86desktop of a Linux box and being controlled/viewed through the WebminVNC client modulewith Internet Explorer running on a windows pc... and it works fine.


If you feel a burning need to duplicate this technological terror, letme know. I will post a step-by-step install procedure and the RPM list.