Disable Current Intranet

Step 1: Disable Current Intranet

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The first thing we have to do is turn off the "Intranet" site that is enabled by default on the Magnia.

To do this we need WebMin.  If you don't have it already, install it now.

Go to (default) and log in.  Then choose "System" from the menu options:


Next choose "Bootup and Shutdown"

You will see an alphabetical list of programs that can be automatically started when the system boots or changes run levels.

You are looking for "httpd_intranet", notice it is set to start with system boot.


Click on the words "httpd_intranet" and you will get this screen:


Scroll down and change "Start at boot time?" to "No", then click "Save"

Your bootup and shudtown actions for httpd will now look like this:


You're not quite done, the system has to be re-booted.  httpd_intranet is set up in such a way as it can't be stopped otherwise
(without killing your admin server as well, anyway)

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