Aero Glass RDP

The following steps set up Windows Server 2008R2 to support Aero Glass RDP ( Remote Desktop Protocol )

  1. Add the Desktop Experience feature from the Server Manager.

  2. Set the Themes service to autostart, and start the Themes service.

  3. Enable the "Allow desktop composition for remote desktop sessions" policy from gpedit.


    The policy path is "ComputerConfiguration/AdministrativeTemplates/WindowsComponents/Remote Desktop Services/Remote Desktop Session Host/Remote Session Environment"

  4. Enable 32bpp:

    In Server Manager, go to "RD Session Host Configuration" under "Remote Desktop Services" role, right-click on the connection to bring up "RDP-Tcp Properties":


    Uncheck "Limit Maximum Color Depth".

  5. Login to the machine locally and select the Aero theme.


    You cannot do this initially from RDP.

  6. Reconnect to the server using RDC with 32-bit color mode enabled.