Drive too small?

Making that little Magnia 20gb HDD bigger.

You should be able to IMAGE your drive onto any size laptop drive youwant.  Of course, the "leftover" space from your imaging is going to be unused.  You could partition it and mount it  But why?


Partitioning? Ugh! More expensive drive just because it's 2 1/2"? NoWay! Slower, more prone to failure... there are many reasons why you should leave the network storage tasks to another device. There is a simple solution: get a NAS.

Network Attached Storage has gotten pretty cheap. Most current devices are Linux based and are running Samba. This means that you can "Mount" the drive with your Magnia.

Why? Well, simply because VPN access doesn't browse well. Also, I actually wore out a Magnia's drive from too much activity!

Linux has no drive letters. The filesystem is mounted from the root and all devices are folders. If you look at your filesystem with WebMin's FileManager (Others-->File Manager) you will notice that a couple of the folder icons have an "M" in them. This mean they are MOUNTED folders, they are not physically on the root drive. Newer versions of Windows can do this as well. The "home" and "var" directories are actually separate partitions on the Magnia's HDD.

If you go to System-->Disk and Network Filesystems you can view all current mounts. You can also add a mount. I added the disk attached to my LinksysNLSU2 as a mount on the /home/public directory. The parameters were

Mounted as /home/public/sharedocs

TypeWindows Networking Filesystem (smbfs)

LocationlinksysDisk 1

This works for any Samba type network share. You just have to make sure the destination folder you are going to mount into is empty.