Gateway Connected Music Player


I recently purchased one of these because I have a Turtle Beach AudioTron

and the Gateway is made by Turtle Beach.

I was disappointed at first because it did not function ANYTHING like the AudioTron.  The AudioTron remote did not even work!  I was able to upgrade the firmware in it with the Turtle Beach version.  The unit now performs exactly like the AudioTron in every respect.

At first I was afraid to attempt the upgrade.  If the firmware flash failed I would have trashed the Gateway.  My fears proved to be unfounded, however.

I highly recommend that anyone with a Gateway Connected Music Player upgrade their unit with the AudioTron firmware.  Just the web interface alone is well worth it!  I used the older version 3.1.1

Turtle Beach says their newest version 3.2.25 does not work well with NAS hard drives.  My original AudioTron is running this release, and it works fine with my NAS.  I am not going to upgrade the Gateway again yet.