Jabber server on a Magnia?

Wildfire is a JABBER server that is self-contained (it doesn't need you to install a bunch of other rpm's/modules for it to work!).

Just download the RPM from the site and use Webmin's package manager -or- manual upgrade from the SG20/30's admin page to install it.  After installation go to refresh until you get the setup pages.  Wildfire will set itself up with one minor correction and away you go!

The DEFAULT name of a Magnia is MYSERVER, so Wildfire will set your domain asmyserver.myserver.loc which will not work!  If you actually have a domain, enter your domain name.  Otherwise enter either myserver or this assumes you are at default values!

I have tried a client or two, and it works fine.  Of course, to use it with other peeps you will have to open a hole in your firewall.  I want to I.M. my MisterHouse, or I wouldn't be doing this!